Who We Are

Established in 2001, we are Harvard's one and only mariachi. The group is completely student run, with newer members learning the craft from returning members. Throughout the year, we perform at a variety of concerts and gigs, culminating in a year-end trip every spring. Members come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from mariachi to classical to folk, but all share a love of mariachi music.

Join Us

Auditions: Please email us at mariachi.veritas@gmail.com with a bit about yourself and your musical background, along with a 3-5 min recording of you playing your instrument and a 1-2 min recording of you singing a song of your choice. We will then schedule an audition to get to know you better and get a sense of your sight-reading abilities.

We hold auditions at the start of each semester, and welcome members from all musical and cultural backgrounds. A mariachi is traditionally composed of violins, trumpets, guitarrón and vihuela, but larger ensembles such as ours can also include guitars, harps, flutes and even accordions. Not all of our members speak Spanish, or started off playing their current instruments. The only criteria is that you play one of the instruments listed above, or are willing to learn! The mariachi has instruments available to borrow for those who don't have their own.

Reasons to join include: the flexibility of playing in a small group, the chance for musical growth and exploration, gigs that engage with the community, life-long friends, and all-expenses paid outings, including a spring retreat at the end of every year.

Book Us

Contact us at mariachi.veritas@gmail.com with your performance date, time, and location to receive a quote.


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